Templates are provided to collect venue specifications and to organize the data in a standardized way. The templates below are provided in Excel and PDF formats and can be filled in on a computer or printed off and filled in manually and then scanned. If you have your own template design then feel free to use that and send it to Wiki-Gigs along with a couple of pictures of each venue and any other relevant documents and/or sound design files.
Templates and venue info can be sent to moc.liamg|99oiduaevil#moc.liamg|99oiduaevil

General Venue Information:
Click the links below to download the blank venue info template either in PDF or Excel or to see a finished example:

Venue Info Template PDF
Venue Info Template Excel
Example Venue Info Air Canada Centre PDF

Venue Measurements:
These are particularly useful for audio design. Venue dimensions can be measured on site, taken from a building cross section drawing, or from data that has been inputted into a sound design program. For venue measurements done on site you can use the templates below. If you measure in distance and degrees of elevation then use either of the arena or theatre drawing templates called 'degrees', otherwise use the templates called 'standard'. The arena templates can be used for arenas, amphitheatres, or stadiums.

Arena Drawing Template Degrees PDF
Arena Drawing Template Degrees Excel
Arena Drawing Template Standard PDF
Arena Drawing Template Standard Excel

Theatre Drawing Template Degrees PDF
Theatre Drawing Template Degrees Excel
Theatre Drawing Template Standard PDF
Theatre Drawing Template Standard Excel

Use either metric or imperial units and others can convert as necessary, but please indicate which is in use by either circling (pen method) or deleting (computer method) the word 'METRIC' or 'IMPERIAL' on the provided templates.

A Note About Venue Measurements:
It is recommended to double check all venue measurements on site at your gig. The measurements provided should give you a good start for your design however there are many factors that could affect their validity such as the stage position, attendance and closed seating sections etc. Measurements by 'liveaudio99' are taken from the down stage left corner of the stage position on that day. This location is thus the 'zero' point or 'origin' of the measurement.

Relevant Information:
Please keep venue information in a 'positive' form and refrain from 'bad-mouthing' a venue or crew. Also, please make sure the information is kept in a general form and avoid the price of tickets for a particular show on a seating chart for example.

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